Trend Setters Ltd’s MightyPrint™ Wall Art is super durable, bend, tear, and fade-resistant. For an extra special display, hang it in a window where the light illuminates Marjolein Bastin’s skillful use of color and detail!

Founded in 1995, FilmCells™ is a product line created and owned by Trend Setters Ltd. The products are handcrafted in the United States of America. Marjolein Bastin is pleased to partner with Trend Setters Ltd on their expanding assortment of licensed products including: beveled glass, curved glass, hanging glass, acrylic prints, coaster formats, Morphing Mugs and MightyPrint™ Wall Art.

MightyPrint™ Wall Art is made to last. Plain and simple. Due to the unique material of these high-quality prints, you will not experience typical issues like tearing, fading, or warping. Additionally, MightyPrint™ Wall Art is made to diffuse light, which brings the color display to a new level when backlighting is present –whether in front of a window or in one of Trend Setters Ltd’s back-lit LED frames (sold separately). Sized at 17”x24” the format is durable, tear and fade resistant. The vivid colors and sharp and crisp with a matte finish. Made in the USA. @TrendsettersLtd


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