About a year ago my daughter Sanna brought me this blue nest box that was returned to the store because it had developed some rust. I just so happen to love things that aren’t perfect: a leaf with some spots or holes, an apple with a little worm hole, even people who aren’t perfect!

And so I fell in love with this nest box, this not-so-perfect nest box. I placed it on a table in my garden and knew that one day I would paint it.

Several days later I needed some chives – a great excuse to take a walk through the small orchard to the herb garden. Picked some chives. Oh, look, the raspberries are very ripe! I tried a few – the taste of summer, took the rest home in an old flowerpot for Gaston. There is an area of the garden made especially to cut fresh flowers, but the bellflower has grown so much that it looked like there were blue and pink clouds in the garden. I had to cut a few just to be able to walk the narrow walkway. I wanted to enjoy the last of the peonies on my desk, the papaver was showing off its seed capsule so I had to take it along, as well as the promising papaver bud… A few gooseberries and foxglove, then it was finally time to take the chives to the kitchen.

After I placed the bouquet on the garden table (the same table with the nest box on it) I could hardly find the chives. PAINTING! That moment always takes me by surprise, it hits like a pleasant form of lightning. And then the other adventure starts: the organizing, the recreation of a moment that you want to freeze.

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