Congratulations to the winners of our @AndrewsMcMeelPublishing Marjolein Bastin like contest: Dina from Missouri and Santha from Tennessee.

Today, @AndrewsMcMeelPublishing is the largest independently owned newspaper syndicate in the world and is a leader in book and calendar publishing. The company distributes hundreds of comics, features, editorial columns, and puzzles and games and publishes more than 300 books and a prestigious line of calendars. Andrews McMeel Universal continues to exert a lasting influence on American popular culture.

Known for her charming, lush nature illustrations, Marjolein has kept detailed sketchbooks of the things she encounters in nature since she was a young girl. This book features a number of her personal sketches side-by-side with the fully wrought, exquisitely detailed pieces of art they inspired. Blank pages, with hand-drawn borders by Marjolein, are included after each illustrated spread for users to document their own drawings and thoughts. A durable cover, an envelope in the back for nature finds, and a bound ribbon bookmark make this sketchbook both beautiful and useful.
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The Marjolein Bastin 2020 Monthly Pocket Planner by @AndrewsMcMeelPublishing is a charming and handy monthly planning calendar that features colorful snippets of Marjolein Bastin’s nature-filled paintings on every spread.
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The Marjolein Bastin 2020 Deluxe Wall Calendar by @AndrewsMcMeelPublishing reveals the artist’s deep connection to nature and her commitment to share that love with the world through her beautiful watercolor paintings.
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The Marjolein Bastin 2020 Monthly/Weekly Planner Calendar features the artist’s nature-filled paintings and her fascinating observations about the plants and animals of the places she loves: the Netherlands, Grand Cayman Island, and the American plains of Missouri.
This beautiful spiral-bound calendar features a sturdy cover, a full-color image on each weekly planning spread, monthly grids, a handy pocket, space for names, addresses, and notes, and an elastic closure.

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