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October 22nd from 12:00-4:00pm The Thomas Kinkade Studio in the Garden in Carmel, California will be hosting a launch event for world renowned nature artist, Marjolein Bastin. Join us at this historic garden gallery as we welcome her to the west coast for this exclusive and special occasion.

Marjolein, best known for her award winning Hallmark cards and gifts, will be unveiling an all new Fall Collection featuring breathtaking, never before released Limited Edition Artwork as well as a seasonal line of home decor.  Attendees will have a one of a kind opportunity to meet with Marjolein and get their favorite pieces signed in person.  This is one very special event you won’t want to miss!

to RSVP please call (831) 624-3363


email studiointhegarden@kinkade.com

Join us at the Thomas Kinkade Studio in the Garden Gallery

Thomas Kinkade Studio In The Garden
Ocean Avenue Between Lincoln & Dolores
Carmel, CA 93924

October 22nd from 12:00-4:00pm

Please RSVP to Confirm Availability
Call (831) 624-3363 or
Email studiointhegarden@kinkade.com

About Marjolein Bastin

Marjoelin is a international, award-winning, wildlife artist. Her work stands apart from other artists not only in her exquisite attention to detail but also in the way she approaches her subjects. Her day typically starts around 6am with a walk, during which she will pick flowers, jot down notes and – if something catches her eye – stop and paint. Her beautiful watercolor works are covered in her own handwriting full of interesting facts and background on the types of flowers or habits of the animals she captures.

Nature captivates Bastin, and through her art she shares this passion and beauty world-wide. She works with Hallmark, Libelle, and a variety of other partners in Europe and North America to share this natural beauty through greeting cards, calendars, dinnerware, bedding, gifts and many other products.

Marjolein also writes and illustrates children’s books featuring a character of her own creation: Vera the Mouse. Vera and her friends were warmly received and are featured on a variety of products as well as her own collection of books and movies.

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