It’s a bit unusual how we ended up on this island. A friend of ours in the USA was desperate for somebody to accompany her on a trip to Grand Cayman. Her friend who was supposed to go with her was now in the hospital instead and the prospect of the rented apartment going unused was not appealing. We had never even heard of Grand Cayman – where is that exactly? And so there we went in February, having quickly packed a suitcase with some summer clothes. Once we arrived we had to get used to the crowds and to be honest it was not love at first sight. That is until Gaston hired a car and we discovered another side of the island…

At some point we were driving on a narrow road flanked by mangroves, the beautiful blue ocean and some older homes as well. And one of those homes had that fateful sign in the yard… “for sale.” It was a small house but with a reasonably large yard. There were so many tropical trees and flowering plants in that yard: oleander, bougainvillea, poinsettias, ginger…too many to list. A heavenly blue lizard walked across the garden wall.

Right away I could picture myself painting inside the small house, looking out over the blue ocean. Yes, now that was love at first sight! What followed, however, were years of pure happiness and utter desperation. I know, who buys a house without a thorough inspection..

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