Artist  Marjolein Bastin
Painted  2010
Medium  Watercolor
Subject Location   Netherlands

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Artist Notes

These climbing plants have covered the greenhouse in an eighteen-carat blanket. Just a few violets remain, a last reminder; while it is difficult to say goodbye to summer I have to admit that the colors of fall are actually more interesting than those of summer…

A Short-toed treecreeper flew against the window.

While he is slowly getting his bearings I have the opportunity to look at him up close. Sort of dissecting without taking him apart. The treecreeper uses his tail to support itself while maneuvering on a tree, just like woodpeckers.Very sturdy feathers!!

Its eyes are located in the perfect position to notice every crawling thing that moves in front of him. I guess you can compare his eyes to our reading glasses, on either side of very accurate tweezers. And just look at these feet with extremely long nails! It’s clearly no problem to grab a firm hold. Treecreepers always start at the base of a tree and spiral upwards along the trunk looking for food.

This particular treecreeper was lucky. After fifteen minutes he got back on his feet and ten minutes after that he flew off to tackle the Walnut tree in front of my studio. Goodbye little treemouse!

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