Sweet Summer

Artist  Marjolein Bastin
Painted  2004
Medium  Watercolor
Subject Location   Missouri, USA

Artist Notes

The trumpetcreeper, an enthusiastic climber of pergolas and walls, is a well known plant in Holland.  It seemed to me like a good choice for our pergola in Missouri, which was still a little bare.  It was growing, blooming like crazy, when suddenly I discovered something new to me.  After the flowers were gone, seedpods appeared.  I never noticed them on our Dutch plants, and I found out why…

The trumpetcreeper is a so-called hummingbird-plant, only pollinated by hummingbirds.  Yes, I can see that now, they are constantly working on the thick, rich nectar.  Sometimes they seem to “stand” in the air, motionless.   You can only hear the buzzing of their wings, then they speed forward to the next flower, standing still and drinking.  Incredible.  What an experience to watch them for a while!  Now I understand why we have so many seedpods here, and not in Holland: there are no hummingbirds there.

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