Second Chance for Color

Artist  Marjolein Bastin
Painted  2011
Medium  Watercolor

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Artist Notes

To be perfectly honest I am not a big fan of Zinnias. They’re a bit too colorful for my taste, I’m not much of a party person. But I decided to give them a chance anyway. They are annuals so if I really don’t like them not much is lost. And indeed, they just don’t seem to fit in my garden. When they were blooming so vividly I went out and picked them all to put in a vase inside.

The bouquet turned out so festive that I decided to take it to my desk. I picked out a few petals to dry, these colors are unbelievable! Zinnias attract butterflies and bees, an added benefit!

Is it possible I love zinnias after all??

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