Orchard Feast For A Friend

Artist  Marjolein Bastin
Painted  2010
Medium  Watercolor
Subject Location   Netherlands

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Artist Notes

This moth is called a Large Yellow Underwing, a very common species. In Dutch it is called a “housemother,” and it sort of looks like one…little old-fashioned, little boring. Definitely not your modern housewife. But wait until this housemother lifts her skirt! There she is, on the table between some apples. Orange underwings, far from boring! I found hundreds of these wings in one of our barns. Must have been the work of an orange underwing-obsessed creature… Actually, many bats live in this barn.

We have had so many apples and pears in the orchard this year that I am collecting the fruit that has fallen to the ground for Ed, the Red deer living on our property. He doesn’t really behave like proper Red deer. Every few days I give him a bucket of healthy fruits. Keeps the doctor away.

From behind the gate he is watching me fill the bucket. (No, he is not allowed in the orchard or flower garden.) He doesn’t like me to get very close to him, when I do he gallops off into the woods and waits behind a tree until I’m gone. But when the coast is clear he comes right back to the gate to enjoy the feast. He doesn’t leave anything, not even an apple core, for the wild boars.

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