Fall is Upon Us

Artist  Marjolein Bastin
Painted  2010
Medium  Watercolor
Subject Location   Netherlands

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Artist Notes

While it isn’t really fall yet, the first signs are appearing. I do love the fall; to me it means color.

Birds are not fond of the berries of the European spindle but I love them. The only species that will eat these orange berries is the European robin, color looks for color. I bring a few branches inside and put them in a vase – beautiful!

Shaggy ink caps line the driveway. The carpet blanketing the European beech forest is getting more and more beautiful.

Thrushes love the fruit of the rowan shrubs. The fly amanita, while very colorful, is best left alone. (Except for gnomes or elves of course, who like to sit on top of them.)

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