Cardinal Convention

Artist  Marjolein Bastin
Painted  2009
Medium  Watercolor
Subject Location   Missouri, USA

Artist Notes

This has been quite a change: – one moment I’m in my studio in the Netherlands and the next I’m back in Missouri, looking at similar birdfeeders but with very different guests.A few days before our arrival in Missouri our neighbor and son Mischa filled my birdfeeders with all sorts of delicacies for the birds. Sunflower seeds, hulled sunflower seeds, nyjer seeds, safflower seeds, cracked corn; there is something for everybody. And of course suet in a variety of flavors, shapes and colors! Then we have to have corn for the deer and turkeys and a salt lick as well. Apparently they like that apple-flavored!

The weather has been quite mild so interest in my bird feeders has been moderate. – except, of course the raccoons that make sure I remember to bring all the feeders inside overnight; anything left outside is either eaten or destroyed.

Days later a cold front arrives, and traffic at the feeders increases dramatically. A bitterly cold wind from the northwest is supposed to usher in the first snow of the year tomorrow. It looks like the seeds are suddenly a hit!

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