Boasting Turkey

Artist  Marjolein Bastin
Painted  2010
Medium  Watercolor
Subject Location  Missouri, USA

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Artist Notes

Burglars! That’s the first thing going through my mind when I wake up to a strange ticking, hammering and scurrying. Tonight was our first night back in Missouri. I carefully peek through the curtains…and stand face to face with the burglar: a male turkey who has discovered his own reflection in the window. A rival! He’s the competition, and should be taught a lesson. Bang! Bang!

He is showing off, his tail feathers fanned out, his wings pulled low to the ground, and he keeps pecking against the window. Which is beginning to look pretty dirty, some mud and dirt smeared on it. He continues for almost an hour: displaying his feathers, boasting and attacking. When he finally gives up his herd has long moved on.

He has to run just to catch up. He looks ridiculous.That strange beard hanging from his chest is purely ornamental, it can reach up to 12 inches. Bulky and cumbersome? For sure, but at night they have no trouble flying to the highest trees to find a safe place to sleep.

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