A Place to Reflect

Artist  Marjolein Bastin
Painted  1995
Medium  Watercolor

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Artist Notes

The garden is a natural place to take a break and reflect. With daily worries on our minds we are likely to walk through and notice few details. Only after sitting down and taking some time you notice more and more life around you: the birds, the butterflies, the beetles, just like us every little critter is busy taking care of their own needs.

The spirea is a wonderful plant to attract even more life into your garden, butterflies love it! The calm and tranquility that exudes from a quiet spot in the garden can be so soothing. The same seems true for my friend Mary Ann’s cat Cameron, just quietly enjoying her spot in the garden. I just hope Cameron doesn’t see anything she wants to chase!


Key points:


• Spirea is available in a variety of colors and bloom in late spring and summer. It is a favorite of butterflies so a great option for the garden.

• There are over seventy varieties of spirea available; some are suited better for certain climates than others.

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