A gathering of wildlife

Artist  Marjolein Bastin
Painted  2015
Medium  Watercolor

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Artist Notes

As I was pouring our friend a cup of coffee she asked me what kind of bird that small blue one by the pond was.  Without looking I thought it had to be a blue tit, they are very common.  But instead it was the kingfisher, grooming itself on a branch hanging over the pond!  So beautiful!  A few minutes later she asked me if I too noticed something moving in the tall grass behind the pond.  And indeed, there was a doe with her fawn!  Mother nibbling on some fresh leaves and grass while the fawn was playing in the field.  Before she could answer my question about sugar or milk in her coffee my friend said “wait a minute, I think I see a fox!”  And indeed, there it was, jogging through the field.  We could see a kingfisher, a doe with her fawn and a fox in one glance!  As you might imagine we never did drink our coffee, too much excitement!

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