Nature inspires me with every breath and fuels my passion to draw. The natural world around us encompasses the clean air we breathe every day of our lives without giving it a second thought. Clean and pure air, it is invisible. We should remember to take care of it, protect it! Instead breathing seems so obvious to us, we take it for granted.

Interstitial lung diseases (ild) represent a group of often unknown diseases. Poor air quality has the potential to damage our lungs. Not everyone knows that contact with certain pollutants might literally ‘take your breath away.’ If you are not familiar with these diseases the foundation’s name ‘ild care…’ probably means very little to you.

To peak your interest about what the acronym of the foundation really stands for ild was translated into ‘i love ducklings.’ Every spring a new duckling generation represents new life, and at the same time vulnerability. When you see those ducklings you want to protect them, in the same manner as the environment and thus the air we breathe.

The goal of the ild care foundation is to make people more aware of the potential damage poor air quality can do to our lungs. Many factors contribute to poor air quality, including microscopic pollutants found in the air around you, including fine dust, airborne mold, fumes, gasses, herbicides, and pesticides.

The reason I ask you to support the non-profit ild care foundation, is to make sure that this foundation can continue to do its work for people suffering from these lung diseases. These disorders have an immense impact on patient’s quality of life. I support the ild care foundation, because more awareness and information is really needed.

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