The Butterfly Foundation

The Dutch Butterfly Foundation (De Vlinderstichting) is the Netherlands’ main organization working to protect butterflies and dragonflies. These species are struggling, so protection is necessary. In fact, some butterfly species are among the most endangered in the Netherlands. To prevent additional butterfly species from going extinct they need our immediate attention. And don’t forget, butterflies and dragonflies are special creatures that – for now – can be observed in nature parks as well as close to home and provide enjoyment to many people.

The work “De Vlinderstichting” does is important to Marjolein. “The work of the Foundation is close to my heart because I myself am so fond of all the small, seemingly insignificant things in nature. Butterflies, moths, caterpillars, dragonflies and damselflies – such a richness around us! The sight of a Small heath flying up from the grass nearby can provide me a great deal of happiness, or spotting the first Small Tortoiseshell butterfly or Brimstone of the year, and what about unexpectedly watching a Swallowtail land in your garden! After a while you start paying attention to the biotopes, host plants, and caterpillars and slowly but surely “enjoying nature” gets a new dimension.

The presence of certain species, and the disappearance of others, is a health thermometer of the land itself. Dissemination of this knowledge heightens the interest level. A hobby that, the more you read and discover, becomes more and more interesting. That is why I am grateful for the work “De Vlinderstichting” does.

De Vlinderstichting, Postbus 506, 6700 AM Wageningen, tel. 0317 467346, e-mail:,

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