Ameland, Netherlands

A visit to the island Ameland in the north of the Netherlands is a real treat. Arriving at the dock in Holwerd, still on the mainland, is exciting: we get to say hello to some old friends. Will the tide be high or low? As soon as you crest the dike you’ll know. And there they are: the Common shellduck, the Sandpipers, the Oystercatchers, the Eurasian curlew as well as the Common eider ducks. I don’t mind waiting for the ferry, there is plenty to see. Once on the island we drive through the farmlands to go bird watching. If the farmlands are empty the tide is probably low and the birds are foraging on the tidal flats. It is breathtakingly beautiful, as always. The expansive views, the silence…with the exception of a few birds flying overhead, means that you do not need to use your voice, just your eyes. My dear island.

Ameland Inspired Art

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