My Inspiration

Marjolein’s emotional connection to everything that crawls, flies, grows and blooms in her garden is clearly expressed in her work.  Especially the details that most people overlook in nature prove an inspiration for Marjolein.  The urge to make people pay more attention to those details has kept Marjolein at her desk for over thirty years.

Central Netherlands

It is always a pleasure  to return here, no matter where we are coming from.  The birds around the pond, the fragrances in the garden, the many trees and the peace all of it exudes!


A visit to the island Ameland in the north of the Netherlands is a real treat.  Arriving at the dock in Holwerd, still on the mainland, is exciting: we get to say hello to some old friends.

Cayman Islands

Arriving on the Cayman Islands is a little like stepping in a warm bath.  You relax and immediately forget about all the things you were stressing about before.


When you look out over a Missouri prairie in the middle of summer it looks like a giant field of waving grasses with shimmering hot air above the horizon.


Switzerland plays an important role in my life.  Although the snow-capped mountains are quite pretty in winter, we particularly like the spring and summer in Switzerland, when many things are blooming and growing in the alpine meadows.

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